A holistic view across stakeholders

Understanding how each stakeholder impacts one another is vital to the commercial success of a medical product. We assess the dynamic and interrelated decisions across all stakeholders such as payers, physicians, and patients. An in-depth view of these key decision makers enables us to provide holistic and integrated commercial strategies.


Comprehensive services at every stage

See a sampling of our services below. For an inclusive list, or to learn more, contact us.

Business Development / In-licensing

  • Commercial due diligence assessments and forecasting
  • Product financial valuations 
  • Rapid commercial assessments
  • Acquisition screening based on market needs and evidence requirements
  • Portfolio optimization

Preclinical Phase I

  • Early product opportunity assessments for clinical development decisions and portfolio optimization
  • Market landscape assessments to identify new product opportunities
  • Identification of future market trends, competitive landscape assessments, and future evidence requirements

Phase II  Early Phase III

  • Integrated forecasts factoring price and access, physician prescribing, and patient fulfillment 
  • Phase III evidence assessments to optimize price, access and utilization
  • Product value assessments, including positioning options and patient segmentation

Late Phase III Launch

  • Launch price strategies, cross-market analyses, launch sequencing, and global price policies
  • Local contracting strategies
  • Value story and message development
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Negotiation strategies and training

Post Launch

  • Competitive defense strategies (including biosimilars)
  • In-line pricing / market access assessments
  • Loss-of-exclusivity strategy development
  • Cross-portfolio/additional indication assessments and optimization


  • Market access processes, capabilities and organizational design
  • Training programs to support pricing and market access skill and competency development 
  • Cash versus reimbursed market opportunity assessments
  • Patient co-pay sensitivity analyses