Developing a Successful Biopharmaceutical
Pricing & Market Access Strategy

Join us for a week-long course to develop the knowledge and skills required to deliver a successful biopharmaceutical commercial strategy and become an industry leader

23-27 September, 2019 | Cambridge, United Kingdom

Course Overview

Located in the historic city of Cambridge this executive education programme is a collaboration between the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge and Windrose Consulting Group, experts in value and commercialisation strategies for the biopharmaceutical industry.  

The objective of this one-week course is to learn how to design and implement a successful commercialisation strategy and interact with other current and future industry leaders. 

The course is a blend of lectures, case studies and practical exercises. We believe in an interactive approach, encouraging group discussion and exploring real-world situations. The aim is not just to provide the theory, but help you understand how to apply it within your role.  

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What Will You Learn?

You will gain an in-depth understanding of how to achieve commercialisation excellence:

  • Develop and implement a successful pricing & market access strategy

  • Understand how to pre-empt and address commercialisation challenges

  • Effectively communicate the value of a drug

  • Create strategies to adapt to a rapidly changing industry landscape

Who Should Attend?

This course is aimed at present and future access leaders. Typical participants are:

  • Experienced professionals who wish to gain a strong understanding of commercialisation strategy

  • Those who are entering or transitioning into the commercial side of business

  • Pricing & market access professionals seeking career advancement

Access for the new generation of innovative products has never been more challenging or more important. Giving payers reassurance that they are optimising their resources requires a holistic pricing and access strategy. Such a strategy requires integrated, innovative methods to address inherent uncertainties and an understanding of the complex landscapes we operate in.

Windrose are industry leaders in navigating these challenges and in developing actionable, effective approaches that meet payer needs.
— Oliver Jack, Global Value Strategy Lead, Takeda

Course Content

Day 1: Monday, 23rd September

The evolving role of pricing & market access (P&MA) — Led by Ken Wilson

An introductory overview of the role of P&MA and value-based pricing, which forms the foundation of any successful commercial strategy.

  • The role of P&MA throughout a drug’s lifecycle - development, commercialisation, and beyond

  • Pharma trends and how they impact P&MA (cell and gene therapies / CAR-T, personalised medicine, orphan drugs etc.)

  • Introduction to a value-based analytical framework which covers concepts further explored in detail throughout the course

  • Determining “value-based price”

  • Group exercise: defining the value of a new agent

Day 2: Tuesday, 24th September

Measuring value through health economics — Led by Oriol de Solà-Morales

Quantifying value through health economics and planning for successful health-technology appraisals.

  • Principals and techniques applied in health-technology appraisals

  • Generating additional evidence to maximise value

  • Group exercise: determining the Incremental Cost Effectiveness Ratio (ICER) of a new agent

Stakeholders & market systems — Led by Zameer Merchant and Oriol de Solà-Morales

Understanding how stakeholders assess value and the decision making process for pricing and access.

  • Overview of different stakeholders and the need for an integrated approach

  • Overview of how key market systems evaluate drugs and determine their “willingness to pay”

  • P&MA market “archetypes”

  • Identifying evidence gaps and how to address them

Day 3: Wednesday, 25th September

Optimising P&MA strategy — Led by Matt Storer

Balancing the multitude of practical considerations when developing a P&MA strategy.

  • Variables in setting the P&MA strategy, including commercial, ethical, and political trade-offs

  • Gross-to-net price setting

  • Innovative contracting and Managed Entry Agreements (MEAs)

  • Optimising pricing strategy across markets considering International Reference Pricing (IRP) and parallel trade

  • Optimising pricing strategy across indications, launch sequencing and portfolio optimisation

  • Complexities with highly specialised technologies (cell & gene therapies, CAR-T, personalised medicine), and how to handle them

  • Group exercise: P&MA strategy optimisation

Day 4: Thursday, 26th September

Stakeholder engagement — Led by Matt Storer

Engaging with stakeholders to ensure clear value comprehension to drive successful strategy implementation.

  • The need to prepare the market prior to launch

  • Developing an effective “value story” - structure, content and narrative

  • P&MA negotiation strategy and planning

Bringing the process together — Led by Zameer Merchant

Consolidating our learnings through a half day practical exercise on developing P&MA strategy from start until launch.

Day 5: Friday, 27th September (Half Day)

Practical application of P&MA strategy — Led by Ken Wilson

Tools and techniques for implementing P&MA strategy throughout the lifecycle.

  • Research and analysis techniques used by pricing professionals

  • P&MA activities throughout the lifecycle - what to do and when

  • Discussion on industry evolution and the impact on the role of the P&MA professional


The course will be held at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Cambridge University.

The facility is new and comfortable, opened in 2018 and situated in the University’s science and engineering hub on the West Cambridge site.

Address: Cambridge University, Philippa Fawcett Dr Cambridge CB3 0AS, United Kingdom

Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Course Costs

The course costs are £5,000, or £3,500 for early registration (before 31 July, 2019).

This includes course materials (printed and digital copies) and tuition, lunches and refreshments, a traditional College dinner and a guided tour of Cambridge. Travel costs and accommodation are not included, but recommendations on the latter may be provided.

Group discounts may be available on request.

Course Leaders

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Matthew Storer

Matt is a managing partner at Windrose and head of European operations. He has been advising the industry for over 13 years and has strong experience in developing commercialisation strategies.

Dr. Oriol Solà-Morales

Oriol has built a career in planning, policy and decision making. Having held hospital and regional HTA positions in Spain, he founded HITT to provide specialised commercialisation consultancy.

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Ken Wilson

Ken has over 22 years of commercial and market access experience in industry and consulting. He has held positions at Eli Lilly, CVSCaremark, Merck & Co, and is now a managing partner at Windrose.

Zameer Merchant

Zameer is an Engagement Manager at Windrose. He is expert in global payer systems and leads client teams toward successful and often innovative P&MA strategies.

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